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15Black Goes undeafeated on Sunday!

A Great MLK Weekend!

16 Black went undefeated Saturday and Sunday at the MLK Matt Hartner Tournament in Eugene! Gabby Baker led the team offensively!



2018 Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

12B - $1,200 less the $300 deposit:  $900 left - 4 payments at $225/month

14G - $1,700 less the $300 deposit:  $1,400 left - 4 payments at $350/month

14B - same as 14G

15B - $1,600 less the $300 deposit:  $1,300 left - 4 payments at $325/month             

16B - $1,800 less the $300 deposit:  $1,500 left - 4 payments at $375/month     

18B - $1,900 less the $300 deposit:  $1,600 left - 4 payments at $400/month


Payments due by:  Jan. 15, Feb. 15, March 15, April 15.

14Black Player of Tourney

Bella Fleener named 14Black player of tourney. Bella is an integral part of our team as she runs our offense 100% of the time. As a setter Bella is consistent with not only her sets but her attitude and work ethic.

14 Gold Player of Tourney

Chloe Nealon was a great asset to her team and deserves player of the tourney!

14 Silver Player of Tourney

Clara Mundal was an excellent all around player!

12 Black Player of Tourney

Taylor Perry was energetic and motivating to her teammates!!

14Silver Wins

12 Silver wins bracket at RimRock!!

12Black Wins

12Black wins Bracket at Rimrock!

14Gold Wins


16Black Wins the Jefferson Bracket Championship

Great job 16Black winning the Jefferson Bracket Championship at the President's Day Tournament!

14 Black Wins CEVA Power League Bracket Championship

Congratulations CCE 18Black!

CCE 18Black Wins Bracket Championship at the CEVA Power League

    Capital City Elite Mission Statement

    The mission of Capital City Elite is to promote and develop, through its players, the sport of volleyball and to support parents in guiding each player to become the best person they can be. CCE recognizes that participation in any sport is good for the physical, mental, and social development of young people. We work to create a volleyball club environment that works toward developing life long skills of teamwork, fair competition, time management, good health, and fun! It’s CCE’s philosophy to train players in the best and most sound techniques of the game from their basic foundation through their higher levels of volleyball.

    CCE Admin

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 604 Salem, OR 97308

    Phone: 503-949-9826

    Updates & News