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2020 Sand is here! Come play with us!!

Time to play Sand

CCE is excited to announce the 2020 sand volleyball season!

We know you want to play!

Our hope is to begin practices June 8th. Contact Scott Coons for registration. Look in the forms list at the top for the information page.

  Email at:

Phone at: (503)910-7552

As we prepare to get out in the sand we will be watching the guidance from our governor and make adjustments needed for the health and safety of all our athletes, coaches and families. 

COVID-19 Update

CCE will be cancelling all practices and competitions through the end of March to take preventative measures of keeping our athletes and families safe. We will continue to follow updates given to us by USA volleyball and let everyone know ASAP of any changes or further cancellations. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. 

Great Article on Passing Tips

Online Registration for Tryouts is Live!

Follow the link here to get your daughter registered for tryouts. Make sure you are registered with USAV prior to tryouts.

2020 CCE Tryouts

2020 season

12's and 14's try-outs will be held Nov. 1st, 9 am to 1 pm @ McKay High School.

16's and 18's try-outs will be held Nov. 15th 9 am to 1 pm @ McKay high school.

We will be holding make up tryouts on Mon. November 2nd and 16th Time and place TBD.



Do you want to play sand volleyball this summer! Join us! Check out the flyer under "Forms"

Tournament Updates

Check out updates on all the teams under the Tournament Updates tab!

2019 Calendar

Sand Practice

Practice is on for 6/8/20

Lets Gooo!

Current Standings

18 Black: 19/72

16 Black: 24/138

16 Gold: 63/138

16 Royal: 113/138

14 Black: 32/139

14 Gold: 120/139

*as of 4/22/2018

Letter From the Director

CCE Parents,

Now that the club season has started we need to remind you of several things that need your
attention throughout the season.
1. Payments are due on Feb. 1 (the following week) and April 1 (during that week). Each team
has a different amount, so it is not listed on the website. We will inform each coach and they
will forward you the amount. You can pay by check, cash or credit card. We will be at certain
practices to swipe your credit card. Remember, there is a charge for each transaction.
2. As parents if you want to discuss ‘playing issues’ with your coaches, it should NOT be done at
any competition. Your daughter must communicate with her coaching staff as much as possible
before you get involved. Coaches should not discuss these issues with parents if the player has
not discussed it with the staff prior to your involvement.
3. Remember, our club is all about the process of learning. We are not driven by the
scoreboard. Being a good teammate is a priority. Being coachable is a must. Getting better at
each practice is a goal.
4. Playing time cannot be equal. Players earn their time. Coaches will be fair and try to play
everyone during a weekend. All things listed in #3 are taken into consideration when deciding
who plays.
Here’s something you should share with your daughter, if she is not happy about her playing
“What are you doing to give the coaches confidence to put you in?” Joel Berry, UNC
5. Make sure we always abide by the facilities rules and regulations.
6. Be good fans. Cheer for everyone on our team. There is no need to complain about lines
people, scorekeepers or officials. Bad calls are going to happen…it’s a learning experience.
7. Our teams will all get better and players will improve. ENJOY the growth of your daughter,
both on and off the court.

Thanks for being great parents of CCE!

T. Shoji

Capital City Elite Mission Statement

The mission of Capital City Elite is to promote and develop, through its players, the sport of volleyball and to support parents in guiding each player to become the best person they can be. CCE recognizes that participation in any sport is good for the physical, mental, and social development of young people. We work to create a volleyball club environment that works toward developing life long skills of teamwork, fair competition, time management, good health, and fun! It’s CCE’s philosophy to train players in the best and most sound techniques of the game from their basic foundation through their higher levels of volleyball.

CCE Administration

Mailing Address 4411 Raccoon Ct. Ne Salem OR. 97305

Phone: (503)9107552