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Tournament Updates 2019

Power League #3

18 Black:
This weekend everyone gave it their all every set. I was proud of the way the girls showed up to compete after not having a tournament in almost two months. They showed up their heart and passion for the game and I am really proud of them.  All around our passers were key in making it possible for our hitters to be successful. 

President's Day Weekend

16 Royal: The girls improved their play so much over the course of the tournament. I’m really proud of the way the fought and battled against tough teams. -Jen Lane

16 Gold: Our team had an excellent weekend and a lot of fun. Our focus in the practices leading up to the tournament had been in developing our mental toughness and continuing to play hard and smart when it wasn't going well. We had several opportunities to practice this throughout the weekend, and ultimately demonstrating our mental toughness by coming back from 3-9 and 11-14 deficits in the 3rd set of our bracket championship match to win 17-15. After a weekend like this, it is impossible to single out a player who performed well. Each player on our team fulfilled their role with skill, effort and mental toughness which contributed to our team's success. -Aaron Imig

16 Black: This weekend was a great weekend for our team! We have been working really hard in practice on bettering our individual skills and it paid off! We went 7-1 this weekend and came in 3rd in the entire tournament. While everyone did amazing this weekend, Sarah Kivett played extremely well in the libero position and it was great to see her hard work pay off. -Riley Fawcett

Post MLK Weekend

Record: 3-4
I would like to highlight Raena and Peyton. Raena was very aggressive on defense and kept a positive attitude all weekend. Peyton stepped up and was very coachable when she was asked to do different things. Her setting improved a lot as the weekend went on. 
- Alaina Gentili

Record: 4-3
This weekend I was really proud of the way that my girls learned to play and adjust their game TOGETHER. It was great to se them working as one cohesive team right away. I would like to highlight Sarah Cortez because she stayed focused and positive even though I had to continually move her around to various positions. I was also very impressed with our middles, Chloe Nealon and Liv Altringer, who played every set and continued to have the right energy, determination and drive all weekend.
-Riley Fawcett

16 GOLD 
Record: 5-4 
I have 3 players - we had an injury (Nayeli, sprained her ankle quite bad on Sunday) and so we had 2 players playing way out of position and just adapted and tried their best in something that wasn't comfortable.
Charly Torres - did a great jog setting and serving for us and her quiet encouragement and support of her teammates was excellent.
Emerson Woomer and Gretchen Olufson both played middle front for a stretch and did great. They did not complain about the situation, they just stepped in and did what was asked and made the most of it.
- Aaron Imig

14's Update After Power League Qualifier

This weekend our 14's team competed in their first Power League of the season. After the tournament the 14 Black is ranked 20th,  going 2-3 for the day. 14 Gold is ranked 117th after going 3-2 for the day.

Here's what the Coaches had to say-

"I am very pleased with the way our girls played and worked together this weekend. These young ladies are exceptional teammates. This tournament gave us a great opportunity to see the strengths and weaknesses of our team and individually. Now we can continue the process of improving. Because of the character of our girls and how hard they work I am confident we will see incredible growth this season.

 Our player of the tournament is Jenna Woodcock. Jenna had 18 kills 8 digs."

Scott Coons, 14 Black

"The 14's Gold team fought its way back from a set deficit not once, or twice, but three times, going undefeated during pool play. The team was led by Hannah Nease, who brought the most energy to team and had the best serving statistics."

Riker Kasamoto, 14 Gold